Projucer Project Type and Gradle apply plugin

I’m new to Android development and would like to use Projucer v4.3.1 to manage an Android Studio project that produces a dynamic library. I created the Projucer new project, added some C++ files and selected ‘Dynamic Library’. When I opened the project in Android Studio, the app build.gradle had apply plugin: '' instead of
Same goes for selecting ‘Static Library’

Is that a Projucer bug or am I missing something?

JUCE currently does not support dynamic libraries on Android. Static libraries should work though. Are you using the latest version of JUCE?

I’m using the latest JUCE 4. I will try it with 5.

Anyway, I learned that is not what I was looking for. That’s for making .aar Java libraries, not .a C++ static libraries. I ended up using Android Studio directly and following some NDK examples.