Projucer removing pointers from parent classes

When using a pointer type in template inheritance, the pointer is removed in the header file generated by the Projucer. Possible fix suggested below.

class myClass : public Component, 
public LassoSource<Component*>

is saved as

class myClass : public Component, 
public LassoSource<Component>

In JucerDocument::setParentClasses() the class strings are created using makeValidIdentifier() which removes the asterix.

Adding a new parameter to makeValidIdentifier() seems to work without disturbing other code:

String makeValidIdentifier(String s, bool capitalise, 
    bool removeColons, bool allowTemplates, 
    bool allowPointers = false);
    if (allowPointers)
        allowedChars += "*";

Thanks, this change will be on the develop branch shortly.