Projucer UI - header bar

That header bar has been offending my eyes for years now.

If I make a suggestion, maybe it could get a 15 minute overhaul so everything is centred and evenly spaced? And the project-save button could be exposed too.

Maybe like this without the awful Xcode in a white circle with not enough padding icon? :slight_smile:


It looks even worse on Windows:

I’ve never seen a brand disrespect their own logo so much by making it aliased!

And that damn settings button, not only is it a different size to every other button on the header, it’s not even centred! Just changing this one line makes it 10x better (line 81, jucer_HeaderComponent.cpp):

// projectSettingsButton.setBounds (buttonBounds.removeFromBottom (buttonSize).reduced (2));    // Ewwh!

projectSettingsButton.setBounds (buttonBounds.withSizeKeepingCentre (buttonSize, buttonSize));  // Better!


I’m prepared to fix it up if there’s some commitment to accept a high quality patch :wink:

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Although how do you get that play button next to the visual studio logo?

Looks like it’s invisible unless you ahve the live-build engine enabled:

Ah right - i used that just once, it was great! But something faffy about getting it started stopped me using it again :confused:

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funnily enough I have always overlooked the exporter choice on the top, wouldn’t it make more sense, to directly put a button inside each exporter-bar on the left, and has anyone ever used the live build engine :thinking: in a productive way?

I did a few times when it actually worked on Windows, but now it doesn’t even run.