Projucer WindowsTargetPlatformVersion

Updated Projucer from develop trunk and now it adds

to all my vcxproj

Maybe default should be that it is not added ?

If you install VS 2017 using W10 Creators Update you will get the 10.0.15063.0 SDK which is the latest at the moment. Any projects generated using projucer right now will fail to build saying that it can’t find 10.0.14393.0 SDK. I have to manually set the Target Platform to 10.0.15063.0 every time to make my projects build.

Guys ?

You can set the SDK version to use for your project in the VS exporter settings page:

I know but “default” setting shouldn’t screw all project

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I agree here that “default” should be set to 8.1 instead, seriously guys I don’t see any reasons why everything should be not compatible with Windows 8.1 by default

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If you try to build a project with this setting then you need to have the 8.1 SDK installed which doesn’t come with the default VS2017 installation. It’s a tricky one - if the default is 8.1 then projects won’t build for people using later VS versions and if the default is one of the Windows 10 SDKs then it won’t build for people using older versions.

One change could be to rename the “default” setting to “use latest”. On Windows, the Projucer would look in the registry for the latest installed SDK version and on other platforms it would just use the latest (10.0.15063.0). This way most projects should just work without having to modify the exporter settings and if you want to use a different SDK such as 8.1 then you can change the setting.


except that this is the case as well in VS2015 project where latest windows 10 SDK is not installed.
You should use 8.1 for default for VS2015 project.
default SDK should put the SDK used by default in the VS version which you generate

OK, I’ve just pushed a change to develop that will use 8.1 as the default for 2013 and 2015 exporters but the latest Windows 10 SDK version (currently 10.0.15063.0) for the 2017 exporter. This is the behaviour that Visual Studio itself exhibits when you create a new project.


Just to clarify: Do I have to choose “8.1” as Target Platform, if I want my plugins to run on Windows 7 and 8?

And is there any disadvantage on choosing “8.1”? Less performant code, slower compile times or such?

Yes, this will build your project using the 8.1 SDK which is backwards compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. This page has some useful info.