Proper setup for MIDI listening

Hello. I'm working on my first audio plugin.

My goal is to have a plugin that uses Midi to trigger audio events (or any kind of event for that matter). I am using MidiKeyboardController in my editor and a MidiKeyboardController in my processor. I can my MidiKeyboard to flash whenever I click either one of its keys or one of the keys in the plugin host. I set it up following the audio plugin demo in the examples folder.

Is the preferred object to attach the MidiKeyboardStateListener the editor or the processor? I was thinking it should be the processor because that is where the MidiKeyboardState is, but the listeners for Sliders and buttons go in the editor because that is what the user is interacting with. Will using processNextMidiBuffer in the process block ensure that input is treated uniformly no matter whether it came from the MidiKeyboardController or an external Midi source?

Is there a good place to get minimal working examples for some of these classes? JUCE has a wonderfully documented API, but it's not always clear how to best connect the pieces.

Thank you. 

Learning as I go here and leaving a record for other beginners.

I put the listener in the AudioProcessor. It seems to recieve input from either place just fine. No idea if there are any latency problems yet.