Proper syntax for stringFromInt lambda function for AudioParameterInt?

I am trying to map AudioParameterInt values to string names to populate a dropdown menu. The int value is an index, which I want mapped to the name of the particular option as a string. From reading the AudioParameterInt documentation, I imagine this is the purpose of this optional input:

“stringFromInt An optional lambda function that converts a int value to a string with a maximum length. This may be used by hosts to display the parameter’s value.”

I am having trouble getting the syntax correct. For the following mapping, what would the code be? This is what I have right now:

addParameter(modelParam = new AudioParameterInt(MODEL_ID, MODEL_NAME, 0, 2, 0));

And I would want to map something like this:



auto attribs = AudioParameterIntAttributes{}
    .withStringFromValueFunction ([](int value, int maximumStringLength) -> String
        // Implementation here
    .withValueFromStringFunction([](String str)
        // Implementation here
addParameter(modelParam = new AudioParameterInt (MODEL_ID, MODEL_NAME, 0, 2, 0,

Thanks @t0m! I’m getting an error, probably something I’m just not understanding with the implementation:

error: 'AudioParameterIntAttributes' was not declared in this scope
     auto attribs = AudioParameterIntAttributes{}

Right now I have this code in the AudioProcessor constructor.