PropertyPanel for very simple use

Hi Jules,

I was trying to use the PropertyPanel for a simple use and it seems you should override a lots of things even when you want to do something very simple.

My usage is very basic, add some property, and retrieve new values after the user click on OK.
Properties are not taken in account realtime.

Would be great if things BooleanPropertyComponent were not abstract and by default only store value.

A way to retrieve PropertyComponent with a given name in PropertyPanel would be great too.
Even with default getter like
bool GetBoolValue(const juce::String &propertyName)
which asserts (or throw) if the PropertyComponent is not a BooleanPropertyComponent


Yes, those are good ideas. I’ve been playing with my new ipod touch this week and thinking about how to get juce apps running on devices like the iphone, and it’s probably going to involve creating property handling classes that work more generically to the current ones, so I’ll probably be having a rethink of all this stuff in the near future.

Yes, that’s what i like to hear :wink:
Running Juce apps on my IPhone, that would be wicked :wink:

snap - just literally today got my iPhone 3G and have been pondering the likelyhood of a juce port. Of course it looks like you need to sign up to be able to legitimately develop for it though, but I’m still keen

[interestingly enough though, my work have just started looking into developing iPhone games :)]

It’s a fantastic device, but will require quite a lot of re-thinking about the way you write apps! I’ve not had a look through the API yet, but should be interesting.

My programming has already been through the paradigm mangler - being a console developer means that we do pretty much everything in ‘normal’ C… no classes. Very messy, but since doing that for so long now it’s almost hard to go back to classes!