PropertySectionComponent refresh order is inverted

Hi jules,

it would be nice if the PropertySectionComponent constructor could respect the original order of the properties array. It has a loop that, just for performance purposes I think, inverts the original order. This changes the order of the refresh() calls, that I expected to be consistent with the properties definition.

There are two lines that should be changed in juce_PropertyPanel.cpp: #68 and #90.

Well, I don’t have a reason to say “no” to your request - but I’d never, ever design any code that made assumptions about the order in which things like that get called… that’s a bug just waiting to happen! What if I changed it to use an entirely different order at some point in the future? Nasty!

Just out of curiousity, what does the PropertySectionComponent do?
When i search the documentation i find nothing regarding a PropertySectionComponent.

It’s just a component used internally by the PropertyPanel, as a container for the property comps.

Ok thanx.

Well, I think this is a matter of opinion. Anyway, I will use an alternative way to get things done.