Proposal: how to be more compiler friendly :)

Hi Jules!

Here were several issues of some problems about include paths when compiling with GCC. Why not to change all include paths to be relative to “src” directory and provide it as an additional include path to a compiler to search within? The inludes may look like:

#include <juce_core/basics/juce_RelativeTime.h>

This approach is the standard and all compilers must support it.
I’m sure this needs a lot of work to perform but It must be done once and forever. :slight_smile:

My opinions are pretty strong on this subject - already discussed here:

I don’t thing it’s gcc that’s at fault here, BTW, it seems to be some versions of Make that get confused by long paths.


i always compile juce projects every day with gcc 3.4 / 4.1 and i’ve never experienced such problems… probably you are using mingw under winzoze ?

Yep! You’re right.
But you’ve set my mind at rest 'cause I’m going to use GCC under SuSE Linux 10.2 (it’s going to be released in a few days). Ah! I’m so excited about this upcoming release… :o