Proposal of collaboration

Hi there,

In short, I’m looking for developers interested in adding CopperLan connectivity to their software, just for test/evaluation purpose. No commercial commitment is required. No cost. It’s an opportunity to see how easy it is to add CopperLan to your code and to benefit from our exposure during next Musikmesse.

See the links in my signature to discover more about CopperLan, or just ask, I’ll be pleased to give more info hereafter.

So I’m looking at people who could help me to finalize a (free and open) Juce module bringing easily CopperLan to their project. Right now I’m focusing on virtual synth but any kind of application is welcome.

Of course we can work under NDA to protect your code.

So, do not hesitate to contact me if you find some interest in helping me to develop this Juce module, or if you want more explanation about CopperLan, how it works, how easy it is to use it…

Thanks in advance,


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Hi …Phil,

If you are lookng for free and opensource programmer may be sure I wanna do, as i posted before few days …

also According to the post I have helped masshacker, porting juced module to latest juce tip… And may be I will do more work in that too in continuation …
But before that start if you have some work that I can do … surely I will do it…

You can send me details message in PM … and let’s if I can help you on that things you want… I would love to do work …

Thanks Hivich.

But actually I’m not searching for additional development resource, I’m looking at someone interested in adding some piece of code into one of his application to make it connected to the CopperLan network :slight_smile:

My objective is to provide people creating musical apps using Juce with a ready-to-use module needing only very few knowledge of how CopperLan is working inside. This code is almost ready, and now I would like to test it against existing code, ideally a virtual synth to enable CopperLan’s enhanced musicality features.


I have an interest in this, as I've got a Rhizome LE and have been thinking about hacking into it since Feeltune died. If there is a ready-to-use module that would allow me to write software for it, that would be very interesting for me. Probably the problem is much deeper than just Copperlan integration but it would be a start.


Sorry for the late answer, didn't get notification from the forum :-/

Well, the good new is the CopperLan SDK has been simplified (again), the sample code is Juce based, and the licencing model changed recently: there is no more licence fee related to software (commercial, freeware or open).

You can download SDK, documentation and sample code from the CopperLan web site, Dev Center section.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly ( for more detailed or specific information.

We are just about to release the version 1.3, I'll post a message here as soon it is available.

Thanks for your interest :-)