Proposals: Memory allocation enhancements and regexps


Hi Ju!

  1. I propose to use nedmalloc (the one of the fastest possible memory allocator today) ( to accelerate memory allocations (about twice).

  2. I propose to use TRE regular expression matching library ( to add regexp functionality to JUCE.

All libraries are multi-platform.


TRE is distributed under GPL, and so is not suitable for JUCE.


That’s interesting - let me know how you get on with nedmalloc; if it’s much faster I might add it into the main build.


Read the main TRE page about licensing thoroughly:

Maybe it’s worth to give it a try?


I’ve changed “juce_Memory.h” file to make juce_malloc to point to nedmalloc etc. Then I’ve added the definition for juce_UseDebuggingNewOperator in Release build section to inject new/delete operators into the JUCE and into my derived classes.

I’ll do some tests and tell the results. You can give it a try too.


They sure are good at making bold statements!


Do not believe? Just test it yourself!