ProTools and Lion/ XCode 4.2.1

Hi - Is anyone successfully linking JUCE, PT9 SDK, with Lion as host platform and XCode 4.2.1?
I want to get off of SnowLeopard and caveman XCode.


I have.

Juce 1.53, Lion 10.7.3, XCode 4.2.1, PT_90_PlugInSDK.

This is how I got it working (nearly identical to how I got PT_8_SDK working):

[]Unzip PT_90_PlugInSDK.[/]
[]Run config_SDK_for_Mac.command[/]
[]Find PluginLibrary.xcodeproj and open it.[/]
[]In Xcode > Build Settings, change Base SDK to Mac OS X 10.6[/]
[]Also, change Compiler for C/C++/Objective-C to Apple LLVM compiler 3.0[/]
[*]If you build PluginLibrary.xcodeproj now it will fail in FicBasics.h for not finding ppc_intrinsics.h; I had to patch the avid code like this:

	// #ifdef __GNUC__ && __POWERPC__  // < Comment This
	#if defined(__GNUC__) && defined(__POWERPC__) // Add This

]The library should now build.[/][/list]
]Create a plugin in Introjucer. Save and Open in Xcode.[/]
]AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/common in Build Settings > Header Search Paths had to be made recursive (this, I understand, is fixed in the git version of the introjucer).[/]
]If you build the plug now it will fail for not finding ePlugIn_StemFormat_7dot1, just replace it with ePlugIn_StemFormat_7dot1SDDS. (This is the only extra step I had to take between PT SDK 9 and 8; notice that the PT SDK has other enums in FicPluginEnums.h, like ePlugIn_StemFormat_7dot1DTS. I’m sure juce will include the correct ones in the future.)[/*][/list]

That’s it!

Also, as I guess you’re aware, you can’t build PPC plugs with Xcode 4.2.1. Not without hacking a few things (I haven’t tried it, but seen people who somehow managed to get it to work). So possibly keep the caveman in reach.

Building PPC here with Xcode 4.2.1
Was needing a few tweaks indeed.

pm me if interested.