ProTools detects new Plugin version not as the same Plugin?!

Hey there,
Some customers have some issues with ProTools and I have no idea why.

Every time I create a new Version of my PlugIns, I get some response from customers, that Protools doesn’t detect the new Version as the same Plugin.

When they open any mix sessions from which they create with the old plugin, the new install of the Plug-In does not recognize the old version. They get the dialog window saying the plugin could not be found - when they get in the session, the plugin is greyed out and shows nothing. They can load an instance of the new plugin next to it just fine. It just means they are unable to get the Plugin settings recalled by the plugin. It’s like Pro Tools does not recognize the old plugin as the same new updated plugin.

Does anybody knows what could be the issue there?
I’m not changing Names, Plugin Code, AAX Identifier, or something like this. I’m only changing the Version number…


Did you override getPluginIDForMainBusConfig and maybe it isn’t getting called anymore, or does you version somehow affects it’s return value?

Thanks for your answer.
No I’m not using this function or manipulating it.

can you share the relevant fields from Projucer or CMakeFiles?
meaning, the AAX identifier. the version field you’re modifying, also the JUCE version you’re using (or commit) would be super useful.

sure, here is a picture of my Project settings in Projucer.
I changing only the Project Version (second line) I never change anything else.

As you’re using AppConfig.
Can you diff the app config before/after changing version?

There are no changes in the AppConfig.h

are you able to locally reproduce the issue?
If so, I think you can try making a project (Projucer) that you just remove all your code and keep the basic JUCE structure (sharable code). if this reproduce, you can further investigate or share it here.