ProTools undo history

I see that sometimes (I haven’t figured out when) ProTools records parameter changes in its Undo History. Sometimes it doesn’t.
Are there any rules to it? What could cause PT not to record parameter changes in its Undo History? Anything my parameter class is missing to have PT always record changes in its Undo History?
I am not sure yet, but it seems that changes from the GUI are generally not recorded, while changes from an external control module sometimes do get recorded.

Any hint, or idea what to look for is highly appreciated!


Maybe it only happens when begin and end parameter changes are sent?

thanks @anthony-nicholls, that was my immediate idea as well, but no, the parameter changes are equally embedded in balanced begin and end parameter changes, wether they appear in the history or not. (Its the same routine).

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Thanks for giving me the ample opportunity to soliloquize and meditate consecutively!

Now, could you please at least confirm that this is suppose to work otherwise.

After a quick test, it seems to me that parameter changes are recorded in the undo history only for those that are explicitly added in the Automation window for the plug-in, shown below:



that “Xfader1” parameter was moved prior to its addition, and it didn’t cause any undoable action to be listed.

only after being added as shown, moving the widget on the UI caused undoable actions to be recorded for each ended gesture.

curiously, at that point removing it from the list didn’t have the effect of also stopping undoable actions for it to be recorded. this latter part sounds like a bug but I have tested it with Pro Tools 12.7, thus not the very latest version.

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