Prototyping and various questions

I am just starting out and have a few questions. :smile:

  1. Prototyping - What do you guys use for prototyping ? I gather you don’t do actual prototyping in Juce so I imagine some might use Max or is there something else that would even spit out c++ code as a starting point. Does it make sense to use Faust as some kind of starting point , I know it has a Faust to Juce module, just wondering if its worth messing with ?

I can prototype pretty quickly in Flowstone , but obviously need to start from scratch when I move to Juce. I am wondering how plugin manufacturers do this .

2.Libraries - preset modules. Where can I find some basic libraries that are proven to work properly ? Something like analyzers , filters , lfo’s, osc etc ? I am assuming not everyone builds from scratch.
I know of the DSP addition but I gather there are some other resources to explore.

3.How do you perform testing/verifying at different points in the signal flow ? I am coming from flowstone where you can plug in a scope and various readouts at any point in the flow. Is there a way to mimic that workflow somehow in Juce ? Or is testing done by compiling to a vst and testing at various times in the process of building the plugin ?

  1. Are there any VST´s out there that have been built in Juce that are open source where I can have a look at how things are done , I am sure that would help if people are indeed sharing their work ?

  2. I have been trying out the GUI editor , is there a way to use PNG strips ?

Thanks for your time.