Does anyone know the development status of PyJuce? The download links on the website ( are broken.

I managed to get the project from here (, and successfully generated the bindings and compiled it. However, when I try to import the generated module in Python, I get the error:

ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ undefined symbol: _ZNK4juce10XmlElement12hasAttributeEPKc

Seems like a linker error. Anybody know how to fix it?



Honestly, pyJUCE is hibernating. Maybe I (or someone) will warm it up later. But I have no time (and no hope in a close future) to work on it again. :roll:

Regarding your problem, I think that the dynamic linker finds another version of in its path than the one you linked with.

Anyway, “bravo” for the work you already achieved on recompiling pyJUCE with a recent version of JUCE and making it nearly work on Linux. :wink:

I’m sad to hear about the pyjuce hibernation, I think it is a very worthwhile project. I’m afraid the linkage issue isn’t to do with having different versions of libjuce installed (I make sure I have only one).

Anyhow, I will persevere with this, since I believe that the time spent making the bindings work will be vastly outweighed by the time saved writing Python rather than C++ :wink:

I’ll post a how-to if I get it working.

I saw a post on the GarageGames site that used gcc-xml to automatically generate sip bindings for Python. That might be useful.

Well, another solution would be to try to link statically with JUCE then …

Static linkage doesn’t work either. Same undefined symbol error. The problem seems to be that the symbol appears in the libjuce symbol table as:

0011e574 T _ZNK4juce10XmlElement12hasAttributeEPKw

But the when Python loads, it looks for:


I don’t know enough about linkage or symbols to know the significance of this, other than it doesn’t work. :?

Hi All,

sorry if I re-open this topic but my question is, what is best way to use JUCE with Python:

  1. SWIG

  2. or an idea similar to PyGObject that I named PyJUCEObject

Thank you

I'd be interested in this too..