Query regarding dllImport and Graphs

Hello All,

i am a newbie so pardon me if my questions are two basic.

1) I have been assigned a task to upgrade a small application comprising of two parts (GUI Component, Business Logic Component), the GUI component is currently written in C++ and the BL Componenent is currently written in the C, the GUI component whenever communicates with BL componenet dlls through DllImport and then call the required functions.

Now i am hoping to upgrade the GUI component in Juce to make it cross platform. Can i use the same way of DllImport for communication in JUCE to be cross platform, or will DLLImport cause issues for other operarting systems. Let me know whats the best way to achieve this in JUCE. Again pardon me if my question is too basic.


2) My second question is in the current GUI component i have to plot some basic graphs(line graphs) for which a third party component is used but it is also not cross platform...Is there a way to plot graphs in Juce? I have tried to understand the AudioProcessorGraph but it seems complex for a newbie like me, Is there are more simple way to plot graph like giving coordinates and getting a graph? Or any other simple approach to draw a graph in juce could help me a lot.


Thanx in advance and sorry for wasting the time of all GURU's out there on such basic questions.


Thanx for your reply hugh.