Question on Creating Audio/Midi recording software


I’m interested in creating my own recording software or DAW. Specifically to take midi notes and convert them to into sounds from preset mastered sounds from 808 drum kits to nice atmospheric pads. I read some things and discovered JUCE is a good place to start. Any ideals or starting place to download recommended programs and kits? Any specific language to learn to make a program similar to what’s on the market, i.e. Studio One, Cubase, FL, etc?

JUCE is a C++ framework, which is the main language used for development of professional music applications. If you are not a software engineer, who knows C++, JUCE is probably not the place for you to start. Hopefully others will give you some pointers to alternatives. If you do want to pursue using JUCE, put some time into learning C++ first, so you are not struggling to understand the language AND the framework at the same time. Best of luck.

Hey CPR…

Thanks for your timely response. I’m very familiar with C++ after taking a few courses for general academic learning in college, but never went past that. :slight_smile: My passion is producing and recording my own music. I have some startup ideals and want to take things to another level by creating my own product and innovation around those ideals. I am still very interested in pursuing this route and doing what I have to do to learn it more. I’m a UNIX admin too so writing scripts and understanding other languages here and there ie, awk, csh, java, python, etc as needed so I’m a very fast learner in that space. So going in on learning C++ sounds like the next steps as advised. Will Do…

Thanks CPR very kind and to the point. I appreciate that!!