Question on JUCE capabilities from a newbie

I just discovered JUCE in my quest to create a Digital guitar pedal. I am wondering if JUCE can be used in that environment, since there is not necessarily a parent program or OS to run it like with VSTs and such.

I am looking to apply Recorded Impulse Responses to the incoming audio. I’m thinking easiest solution would be to duplicate the incoming audio, apply a few IRs to them, then let the user fade levels between the different IRs channels when they turn a knob. There would also be a switch which loads IRs onto the final output audio.

Any assistance on if JUCE is capable of something like this, and how to implement it in an environment like a pedal would be appreciated. Not sure if the end program you make needs to run on an OS or something. I was planning on picking the processor and storage used in the pedal after determining the needs to run the program and IRs. Since this is a pedal it would need to function with real time incoming audio. The IR loading time should all be either in start up of the pedal or would be at times when the user isn’t yet utilizing that IR so not too concerned on that end.

Juce requires an OS, so if that’s a critical point for you, it’s not going to work out.

Alright thanks so much. I wasn’t sure if the programs you make need an OS or if just the JUCE program itself did. Are there any other systems or programs you would recommend perhaps that can help in making of programs that would run off a PCB instead? The main thing is I am having a very hard time finding any info on how to actually code the IR usage. I saw JUCE had an implementation for that so got drawn to it for that reason.

I do have some plugins in mind so will have to keep JUCE in my pocket for that.

You may want to look at something like Faust.

Here is a summary of a workshop conducted at CCRMA where they designed guitar pedals and other embedded systems with Faust.


For developing hardware that processes audio in real time, you might have a look at ,

They also did a presentation at the ADC19: Audio Developer Conference: Deploying plugins on hardware using open...

The recording of the presentation is available on youtube: Gustav Andersson, Ilias Bergström, & Stefano Zambon - Deploy plugins on hardware using Elk Audio OS - YouTube


Thanks guys! I think that helps to lead me in the right direction. It seems Faust can’t do convolution quite yet but they are working on it. Elk May work and they may have an IR loader I can base it off since they have some open source plugins to start with and can run JUCE it seems too.