Quick Consulting Needed for RTAS Plug-in

Hi All,

I'm just looking to pay someone for a couple hours of consulting to get a feature working on my JUCE based RTAS plug ASAP.

I've noticed these forum posts regarding the automation menu feature I need to implement, but it seems no one has a solution for RTAS.  I have it working with AAX, but can't crack it for RTAS and need to meet a deadline this week. 



If you have implemented the pro tools automation menu via contrl+option+cmd click for an RTAS JUCE plug-in and are confident you can help, then we could do a quick Skype session to get this working and if it only takes 15 minutes, I will round to up 2 hours at your consulting rate, paid via PayPal or check. No programming required, just guidance.

Please email me with brief credentials and your hourly rate at ryanmichaelmcgee@gmail.com.

Thank you!