Quicktime and /MP on Windows

those two don’t play together:

1>c:\devel\dshow\dshow\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_audio_formats\juce_audio_formats.cpp(73): error C2813: #import is not supported with /MP

either one or the other (quicktime or /MP)

(Why can’t it do that…??)

TBH it must be nearly time to deprecate QuickTime… We have the DirectShowComponent instead, and I just need to finish off a half-done DirectShow audio decoder, after which there’ll be no conceivable reason to use QT on windows.

I’m with you on that, i was just doing some tests comparing DShow and QT and QT is just bad. Though i installed ffdshow and i can’t decode some of the movies (i guess the container matters here AVI files are ok but mp4 or mkv don’t load into DShow, then again mp4 seems to load and play in QT).