QuickTime, Asio, VST blues, and non-amalgamated demos

Something has got to be done about the stock build settings!

Every time I direct someone to Juce they always have the same problem. Missing quicktime header, missing iasiodrv.h, dxtrans.h, opengl, etc… that old song that everyone here knows the words to!

Is there any possible way that we can make a stock Juce distribution compile on a vanilla machine? By that I mean one that has just Visual Studio installed. The default settings for features that require additional SDKs or headers should be off.

It would also be nice if the Juce distribution included separate projects for building demos with the amalgamation, or via linking with the Juce static library. I say this because sometimes Visual Studio gets hopelessly confused when debugging very large source files (like the amalgamation). These are the libraries that I had to add painstakingly one by one:


Now I don’t want to sound like I am always negative so…
Juce is awesome! Great job on this wonderful library!

Well, there’s only ASIO and webcam support that’d cause these problems, I think? On mac and PC you always have openGL installed. I made a point of turning off asio + cameras in the 1.50 version, but generally leave them enabled on the tip. (TBH I can probably turn them off in the tip as well, I’ll probably change that).

No idea what you’re talking about with the win32 libs though - you definitely don’t need some of the ones you mention (e.g. dsound), and all the ones you do need are automatically linked by the code - why on earth are you adding them manually? And I find the easiest way to debug the amalgamated projects is by using the template.cpp instead - see the comments inside the juce_LibrarySource.cpp files.