Range selection for AudioThumNail

would it make sense to add functionality to AudioThumbnail that allows to select a region of the sound with the mouse and to send the start and stop time to the change listener?
Perhaps it has been done already?
Best regards,

The audio thumbnail isn’t a UI component - it simply provides the level data for you to use in whatever way you need. It’d be up to your own component to handle things like selection in a way that’s appropriate for your app.

Oh, I see.

I did it now for example by extending the DemoThumbnailComp.
In case somebody ist interested:

class DemoThumbnailComp
    void mouseDown(const MouseEvent& e)
        mouseDownX = e.x;
        startSel = startTime + (endTime - startTime) * (double) e.x / (double) getWidth();

    void mouseDrag(const MouseEvent& e)
        mouseUpX = e.x;
        endSel = startTime + (endTime - startTime) * (double) e.x / (double) getWidth();

    void paint (Graphics& g)
        g.fillAll (Colours::white);

        g.setColour (Colours::mediumblue);

        if (thumbnail.getTotalLength() > 0)
            int heightPerChannel = (getHeight() - 4) / thumbnail.getNumChannels();

            for (int i = 0; i < thumbnail.getNumChannels(); ++i)
                thumbnail.drawChannel (g, 2, 2 + heightPerChannel * i,
                                       getWidth() - 4, heightPerChannel,
                                       startTime, endTime,
                                       i, 1.0f);

            g.drawRect(mouseDownX ,1 , mouseUpX - mouseDownX, getHeight()-2, 1);