RapidMix integration with JUCE?

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Apologies if this is a total noob question I’m quite new to JUCE, I’m doing a research project that uses machine learning to classify drummer performance to inform beat-detection and tempo tracking within an Embedded system. Anyway, Several of my lecturers that range from somewhat to very familiar with JUCE have pointed me in the direction of the RapidMix API and have also suggested that at one point that there was a JUCE module that was either directly related to this project or had similar functionality. However now I can’t find anything like this in JUCE 5, and the RapidMix API project seems to have been abandoned as the repository doesn’t build in its downloaded form, and Goldsmith’s GitLab requires a password when trying to clone the repository and submodules via Git.

Any help with this would be HUGELY appreciated.

FWIW, I was just able to download it no problem, and their site looks very up to date (downloaded code last updated June 1) to me. Didn’t try building the downloaded code., but I assume it’s functional. Are you getting it here?


Also, unless there’s an official JUCE module shipped with a library, generally don’t bother using third-party JUCE module wrappers. They need to be updated in tandem with the original library in order to stay functional, and most authors don’t have the time or resources to do that making most third party JUCE modules aimed at wrapping libraries useless. RapidMix looks simple enough you could roll and maintain your own for as long as you need very easily.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I did indeed download it from there (just the zip repo) and then when trying to build one of the examples had various build errors due to missing dependencies and the like, hence why I was trying to get the presumably up to date git repo so that I can also update the “submodules” as that page says.

Fair point about the JUCE module wrappers, out of interest, are there any official JUCE modules which cover the same kind of ground as RapidMix?

Just looked into it - whoever wrote the git link screwed up because to do that kind of clone you have to have a registered account with a key pair. You can clone anonymously via:

git clone --recursive http://gitlab.doc.gold.ac.uk/rapid-mix/RAPID-MIX_API.git

This communicates over plain HTTP (HTTPS doesn’t seem to be available) instead of the user authenticated protocol shown on the download page. The --recursive argument will also clone all the submodules so you don’t have to do it in a second step.

There aren’t any JUCE modules which cover the same ground as RapidMix (or even come close to it). JUCE is much more focused on highly reusable cross-platform building blocks for typical application tasks with a heavy skew towards audio. RapidMix seems to have a particular focus on specific aspects of creative coding, which isn’t really what JUCE is about.

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You are an absolute star, didn’t expect to get help with a non-Juce related topic on the JUCE forum but lo and behold here we are, thank you kind sir!

Oh this was really necessary, thanks! I also was having a lot of troubles because it asked for a password.