Raspberry Pi Audio App wrong sample rate

I’ve created a simple Audio Application with the Projucer, which just records the last 5-10 seconds of audio input it if a signal is detected., I’m using a USB audio device for input.

The app works fine on a PC, but appears to save audio as expected. If I run it on a Raspberry Pi, the audio is OK, but seemingly being recorded at a slower rate than the samplerate declared in prepareToPlay() (I don’t think it’s half speed, but certainly slower ).

I know the USB device is functioning well, and it works fine with the JuceDemo recorder on the Pi (in both release and debug build).

I’m not doing an awful lot of processing in the audio callback.
Anyone got any ideas?

Has anyone tried an audio app on a raspberry pi that records/uses the input data?
Or, am I missing some way of telling the device manager what audio sample rate I require (AFAIK, Audio Apps assume the default input/output chans/rates) ?
Any pointers would be helpful (I can try and post an example code if it helps. )

I’ll continue talking to myself. I now DON’T think it’s a Juce issue, but perhaps a Jessie Dist-update funny - But I haven’t established the true cause yet… Just that when I rolled back to an earlier OS, and re-ran the same executable, things were fixed.