Raspberry Pi - Linux - Running Windows or OSX compiled vst or AU plugins

I am looking google with such question, but there are not too much answers.
And on various forums people mainly dissuade the idea due to fact Raspberry Pi is on ARM processor.
And they say there are various x86 emulators for ARM based platform, but as I’ve heard it’s not stable sollution for audio processing purposes.

I want to ask if anyone of you have any experience with such things?

I wonder not about compiling myself plugins for ARM target, but instead I want to be able install official plugins like Waves, Soundtoys, Steinberg etc. Of course I know I need to use some Windows emulator like WINE.

Last times I’ve also heard about Rock Pi X Model B, which is x86 based machine.
Have anyone tested it already?

Maybe anyone of you know any other micromachines with x86 technology that can handle my purposes.

For any advice great thanks in advance.

Best Regards.