Im going to re-write the UI tonight with the rest of my spare time.

Should only take a few minutes to do it right :wink:

I got preoccupied by lots of sex. sorry 8)

Should only take a few minutes to do it right :wink:

[quote=“SigmaDeltaRob”]Im going to re-write the UI tonight with the rest of my spare time.

Should only take a few minutes to do it right ;)[/quote]

Shouldn’t be hard, it’s like 12 lines of c++ and I practically wrote the code in the other thread… :wink:

If you do start it, leave the control section alone - I’ve got a failrly clear idea in my head how the interfacing to the track modules needs to work.

The midsection actually doesn’t need any clever drawing stuff either, cos each of the Track Modules will supply their own drawing space.

I guess all the midsection needs to know how to do is to blank itself if there are no Track Modules showing, and how to hook new Track Module components to itself.

Oh, and someone please replace the hacked title bar buttons with proper image buttons. :slight_smile:

Im actually have a bit of trouble since it doesnt like my blatantly C syntax and abuse of the preprocessor :slight_smile:

I took some time-out to learn proper C++ methods :slight_smile: so I shall start again…

OK, I got some basics up and working…

can you do a mockup of your UI idea totally in vector format? (raster is fine if that’s all ya got)…

trying to see if I can get a more complete skeleton.

I’ll have a go.

I need a shower first, cos I’m covered in rockwool and I itch unpleasantly

rewrite is working, added maximize, resize and minimize works properly.

there’s a bug in JUCE I beleive and Im waiting for a response from JULES. Once I hear back depending on whether this is my fault (I doubt it) or JUCE… Ill post the code.

setFullScreen() is broke.

Not only does it not restore to normal size…

it does not restore from minimised state.

Can workaround it and whatnot… but Im gonna wait for Jules to fix it.

The impression I get is that it works in MS VC6, but not in anything else.

Man, I hate flipping between languages, I always get syntax dyslexia :evil:

Pointers in pascal use the pointer symbol before the type to declare, and after the variable to dereference. Of course C does it totally the other way round, and I keep inverting my syntax. :oops:

And I’ve managed to do := instead of = and = instead of == a few times tonight too. :roll:

Must … drink … beer. Mmmmm … Beer …

valley you can get my source from ModulR

or get on MSN/AIM and Ill link you.

if a window is fullscreen’d and you minimize it, you’re fucked. I already told Jules about it… and another fullscreen issue.

we’ll see.

for now, resizable, transparency, min/max/close buttons and the base-section.

So everything’s happy.

also, I did not make a “midsection”

I think it’s best of the basesection can be turned into a lightweight and moved off-screen, and the whole mainwindow be used for module space.

This way you can “link” the base section when needed, also use transparency on it…

It seems much more flexible.

If there’s no qualms, Im going to continue with the modification on your design and post the code most likely later today.

The way you did it makes more sense than the way I did it… :lol:

I have the basesection working as a “toolbar” with a small paint problem.

Ill post it on your site Mod when I finish and tidy up.


Found a bug, looked for the reason but very puzzling:

At startup, do a maximize followed by a minimize, then click on the task bar button to restore. The entire app window shrinks to about 2"x 1/4", with no controls, The top half is the title bar and the bottom half is the main window color.

I diffed between this version and -003-mod. I found that by changing line 6 of themainwindow.cpp from

setOpaque (!NativeDesktopWindow::canUseSemiTransparentWindows()); to

setOpaque (true);
the bug disappeared. As I said, this was very strange, but it is fully repeatable and reversible. JUCE bug?

bithead, that’s a JUCE bug. I alerted Jules and he will have it fixed in 1.5

well kewl then! open source really does work!

Found some other anomalies in 004-rbt:

1 Drag the base section off to the desktop.
2 hit min/max/restore
3 base section sometimes disappears with no way to regain focus?

1 drag the base section off to the desktop
2 hit max then min
3 drag base section to the 2" thingy (known JUCE bug)
4 POP! main window appears again, fully healed

1 drag base section off of non-max main window
2 max main window
3. click-drag base section, pops to fullscreen size.

anything maximizing the main window will bug it right now.

There maybe some small bugs still left in it… but I cant figure them out till Jules fixes setFullScreen… Im starting to see lots of little bits of NativeDesktopWindow that are flakey… but that’s not my focus right now. Once setfullscreen is fixed proper I think im going to look back into it…

Thanks though bithead… once JUCE 1.5 is out, Ill double check those.

Right now Im learning how to read data from a soundfile.