Reading name of a mounted disc on Mac

Hello ,

I am working on an application which requires me to read the names of mounted CD/DVDs and read the contents only after I validate that it is the one I am interested in.

For this , I have an internal list of names of the DVDs to match against the names of the mounted drives.

I use the File function “findChildFiles” from the root file “/Volumes”.
This was working fine for me all this while until today when I came across a DVD, “Vol_001_highIMPACT” and the “findChildFiles” is returning me only the name “Vol_001_highIMP” .

I am thus not able to match it against my internal list. I also cant change the name in my internal list to “Vol_001_highIMP” because it will have other serious implications.

I also checked /Volumes in the finder and the finder also shows it as only “Vol_001_highIMP”.

Is there anyway to get around this issue ? Is it a bug with the Mac file system ?

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


Hmm. If that’s the string that the file system returns, then you’re pretty much stuck with it, sorry!


Thanks Jules for your prompt response.

There is one weird thing I observed…On the left side on the Finder when the DVD launches it shows the name fully , i.e “Vol_001_highIMPACT”.

Again, when I press “Command-Shift-G” that is the short cut for “Go to Folder” menu item in the “Go” menu for the finder and go to the folder “/” (root ) it again loads up all the volumes and shows up properly.

But when I go to the folder “/Volumes” that is when it cuts the name upto 15 characters and shows me “Vol_001_highIMP”.

I will try anyway , but would using the MAC call “FSOpenIterator” to iterate over the contents of the directory “/Volumes” and getting the names help ?

Or can it be fixed in JUCE itself ?

Thanks in advance,


It must be getting the full name from somewhere else other than the file system. Maybe there’s a special xml file in there, like it has when you put an audio CD in.

But there’s certainly nothing I could do to juce to fix this, because it’s not a bug!

Thanks anyway but. My “FSOpenIterator” and the subsequent Mac calls are also behaving weird :frowning:


Hello Jules,

Just an update on the issue I had posted. The problem turned out to be a badly made disk than anything else. I got a brand new DVD burnt and the name comes out properly.It was a relief !

Thanks for your help.


Always good to hear when it’s not my fault!