Reading print statements while running a plugin

Is there anyway to view the print statements while a plugin is running on the plugin host?

DBG(“some message”); <- will be output to console in VS and Xcode at least

do you know which import I would need? I am getting undefined error

You either need to run it in debug or in the introjucer select the juce_core module and change the setting for JUCE_FORCE_DEBUG to enabled.

How can I test a plugin if it wont load in the audio plugin host provided in examples? It found the .dll but couldn’t load it - I set the debugger to be the audio plugin host .exe - I cant figure out problem because it builds sucessfully in Visual Studio 2015

What does the plugin host say?
Have you tried any other hosts?
Maybe try putting a breakpoint on createPluginFilter() ?
You could also try stepping through on the plugin host project to see exactly where it fails, but I suspect if you put one in createPluginFilter() as I said you should be able to start stepping through and hopefully find the issue.
If you don’t find the issue there try putting breakpoints on all the methods you have overridden in the AudioProcessor.