Reading tips for better C++

Hey guys,
I’ve been programming C++ for a year now and I love all those little details and best practices that I find reading this or other forums. For example what Jules said in this thread: FlexBox has been marked as final
I was wondering if any of you have some nice tips or sources that I can study. Sometimes there’s good blogs for this kind of stuff. Or maybe you have an article or paper that made an impact. If so, please share. I want to learn new things!

  1. All of Scott Meyers’ books, especially his recent ‘Effective Modern C++’
  2. Herb Sutter’s ‘Exceptional C++’ books.
  3. Stroustrup & Sutter’s C++ Core Guidelines

This is a weird time for C++ – there are still a lot of highly-regarded sources floating about that haven’t been updated to reflect the realities of post C++11 development.


+1 for Core Guidelines (and the practices in the accompanying Guideline Support Library, GSL). They’re really bitesize tips that will lead to much better code.
Here’s a link for reference:

what’s weird about it?

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. The transition from old-school C+±98 thinking to modern 11+ thinking is proceeding oddly; like Wm Gibson said, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. It’s a lot easier to find resources on the old style, leading new developers to acquire bad habits that they should not have been exposed to, and graybeards like me to spend time unlearning things that are no longer true (just one example – based on lessons learned 25 years ago, out of habit I hesitate to pass types around by value even though move operations can lower their costs close to zero).