Reaper and textEditorReturnKeyPressed

For some reason, in Reaper only, pressing enter in a textbox in my plugin does not call textEditorReturnKeyPressed(). It is called in Logic and DP, but not in Reaper. Anyone has any idea why and how to fix this?

Fyi, textEditorTextChanged() does work (in Reaper and everywhere else), but is called for every single character entered in the textbox--what I really need is for something like textEditorTextChanged() to work.


Isn't that how TextEditor::Listener::textEditorTextChanged() is supposed to work? Pehaps you want TextEditor::Listener::textEditorFocusLost()?

textEditorTextChanged is called for every single character entered in the textbox. textEditorFocusLost IS called in reaper when the textbox loses the focus, so I guess that could work, but why isn't textEditorReturnKeyPressed working properly, only in Reaper?


Yes but I'm saying textEditorTextChanged is supposed to work like that. You often need to know when the text has changed at all e.g. when doing a live search for something.

Perhaps Reaper is intercepting the return key for its own use and not letting it get to the plugin.

Ah, I see what you mean, yes, textEditorTextChanged is supposed to work like that and it does work. What I want is textEditorReturnKeyPressed() to work. It could indeed be that Reaper is intercepting the return. I am losing the focus on the text editor, so something is catching it, but not textEditorReturnKeyPressed(). So I was wondering if anyone had a fix for that. 

Reaper is a bit of a nuicance when it comes to sending keystrokes to plugins.

If you right click on the plugin name in reaper you can select the option "Send all keyboard input to plug-in". That tends to solve any keyboard related woes.

ah, thank you! that was exactly my problem!