Reaper API functions in juce VST


I was wondering if anybody used Reaper API functions in a juce VST. I managed to use a function within juce_VST_wrapper.cpp within the pluginentrypoint function:

void (*mShowConsoleMsg)(const char* msg); (long*)&mShowConsoleMsg = audioMaster(NULL,0xdeadbeef,0xdeadf00d,0,(char*)"ShowConsoleMsg",0.0);

Unfortunately I have no idea how to make the mShowConsoleMsg function available in PluginEditor.cpp, any advice?


Actually it works when I add something like

to the JuceVSTWrapper class, and declare

in juce_AudioProcessor.h.

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question but I am curious as to the reasons you might want to do this. Doesn’t Reaper expose its API through a variety of scripted languages, JavaScript, Python, etc?