Reappearing TooltipWindow


my controls are presenting tooltips.
When I enable AAX parameter automation selection the Protools automation window is opened after buttonUp() and promptly the tooltip window lays itself on top.

In my buttonUp() I hideTip(). But it seems something triggers the tooltip timer again. How can I prevent the TooltipWindow from reappearing? (Until the mouse re-enters the control of course.)

any idea is highly appreciated.

I personally don’t find the yellow tooltip windows fit for plug-in UI. I’ve implemented a tooltip area in the form of a Label:

You just have to instantiate this component, and tooltips will appear automagically.


Thanks, François,

thats really nice! But how would this help in regards of the above issue? I don’t think the Protools automation window is a plugin modal dialog. Its a menu created by Protools.

This would allow you not to use the TooltipWindow class, so you would not have this window appearing anymore anywhere, as the tooltip would be displayed as a label somewhere (where you put it) in your plug-in UI.

Ah! I see - that part I missed.

Any comments from JUCE?

It seems that the Tooltip gets really disturbed by the Protools automation window as it also does not display any others controls tooltip anymore when the mouse hovers over it as long as the Protools automation window is open.

The TooltipWindow is really only designed to do what it does, and isn’t really intended for use in a plugin where the host could have all kinds of random window focus craziness going on.

In a plugin I’d always recommend doing some other kind of custom rollover display that’s integrated inside your editor component, like fbecker suggested.

Thanks for the clarification!

… maybe the TooltipWindow Timer could be made none-private to be able to usefully inherit from TooltipWindow?

Can’t really see why that’d be preferable to just writing your own class, it’s not a very complex class.

You are right. But I actually don’t like duplicated functionality anywhere in my work and I suspect the issue can easily be solved by tampering a bit in TooltipWindow’s inner functioning.

If it really is just a minor tweak that you need, I’d rather add it to TooltipWindow than allow its internals to be overridden. With a library it’s always a priority to keep our internal implementation private unless absolutely necessary, as this means we can change it in the future without messing up people’s code.

Completely agree.
I will check if there is an easy workaround for that and post here.