Reason 9 gains VST support!

Don’t know if anyone else here is a Reason fan, but this is a MAJOR step forward for the software after Propellerheads attempted to dominate third-party extensions in Reason with their own “rack extensions” plugin format.

I haven’t tried running any JUCE-derived code in Reason yet, but I’m sure it will work fine (Propellerhead’s stuff tends to be extremely high quality from my experience and probably conforms well to the VST standard). ROLI definitely needs to add host detection though!

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you’re late: This could be huge: REASON 9.5 Now Accepting VSTs

Whoops, didn’t see that it was already posted :frowning: I’d delete this topic because of the redundancy but we don’t have that ability…

Was anyone here lucky to get a beta invitation? I requested it on the day of the announcement by Propellerheads but I’m still waiting.

Would be great if at least the ROLI devs would get early access. Is this on the radar of the ROLI/JUCE team? Have you already talked to Propellerheads?

Don’t have to be that drastic :wink: