Reason Rack Extensions

A new ‘Rack Extension’ (RE) plugin API for Reason rack modules has been announced. Anyone interested? I haven’t used Reason since about version 1.5, but it seems like a good fit for Juce to me. Maybe it’s time for a Reason revival? I also notice that Record has now been absorbed by Reason, giving it more DAW-like features than before. Just thought I would throw this out there for a bit of discussion. I don’t know what conditions have been placed on 3rd party developers wanting to implement RE plugins, but there’s probably at least a confidentiality clause as I think there is for Rewire.

From what I understand about Rack Extensions, you deliver some sort of byte code to Propellerhead and they take care about producing the actual plugin (which then will run on all platforms they decide to support; even future platforms). Also, since the GUI has to fit in the Reason rack using the same GUI as in other plugins won’t be possible. Another likely problem is that you can’t use SSE stuff in Rack Extensions as this would make it quite hard to support on a platform without SSE but of course can use it in other Juce based plugins.

So I’m not sure whether this is something that can be easily fitted into Juce.