Reason Rack Extentions

Hello Jules

I got a question for you. I’m not sure if you heard about Propellerhead actually releasing with Reason 6.5 the ability to code audio plugins as Rack Extensions. So in addition to VST, AU, LV2 and RTAS now Reason will have it’s own proprietary plug in format. As a Reason user This is Huge and a very welcomed add on the props behalf. Any chance you will be upgrading JUCE to be able to use this new SDK and spit out a RE for reason? I would even consider maybe sponsoring something like this I believe the Power of JUCE would make a better dev environment for coding RE’s as it has for all the other plugin formats.

From what I’ve heard, that’d be impossible - rumours are that they’re using a very restricted proprietary binary format based on LLVM IR, and your plugin code can’t make any native calls at all - all i/o and UI has to go via their own API. So although you could probably use a few pure c++ juce classes in there, none of the native code would compile.

Apparently the GUIs use LUA for scripting, and will eventually use a proprietary 3D scene (disclaimer: I haven’t signed the NDA or received the SDK). This doesn’t seem like anything that Juce would handle. My guess is that the main stuff that would translate from a Juce plugin would be the DSP code and plugin parameter calculations, and those things probably aren’t particularly Juce-based in most plugins.

Sean Costello