Recommendations for newbie with PHP background

Hi, I’m brand new to C++ and I need to build a simple multi-channel metering app with Juce. I have several years experience building fairly complex web applications using PHP and specifically Laravel as well as some javascript so I am not starting at zero when it comes to programming and an object-oriented approach. Can anyone recommend a good starting place to get up and running as quickly as possible? I guess it’s also relevant that I know audio very well, just new to the programming side of it. Thanks for any suggestions!

My advice (I came from a similar background to you, although I’d done some C programming before): Put some time aside to learn C++ before you dive into a complex project. There are many ways to shoot yourself in the foot with C++, and sometimes its very hard to know why things are going wrong until you’ve made the same mistake a few times. Learn about smart pointers, RAII, object lifetimes. Get a good C++ book or do a short course, build some small things and then build up to using JUCE and implementing your ideas.

Getting up and running as quickly as possible before learning C++ will have you tripping up and falling over without knowing why. It took me a good 2 years before I started feeling confident in the small subset of C++ thats necessary in order to write JUCE apps.

How exactly should that work? Where in the signal chain is the metering supposed to go? What platform(s) should it support?