Recording audio?

Hi guys! I'm new here and relatively new to programming.

I'm working on a voice activity detection module for a project in class. The devices that's used for audio input are 4 microphones connected to an audio interface (Scarlett 18i6). I've managed to write one in C# using the NAudio library for a single microphone (by identifying connected input audio device). But when I tried to expand it to 4 microphones, the code had to be modified to use threading for each of the microphones, causing a lot of delay between the microphones.

So I did a bit of digging and figured out that using ASIO to tap directly into the audio interface would be the best solution. So naturally, I wanted to start out with a simple console program which records audio with ASIO. But the demo that comes with Juce only has GUI codes which I'm not really familiar with (I've only worked with console programs). I've managed to enable ASIO, but I'm lost at this point. 

Are there other sample codes which I can start with?