RecordingDemo .wav clips do not load

In the RecordingDemo example, the previously created .wav clip recordings do not load. When I:


I get:

“/_Track 1_Take_1.wav”

If I revise the .tracktionedit xml so that the path is the full path:

“Users/shawn/Library/Caches/RecordingDemo/RecordingDemo/_Track 1_Take_1.wav”

the .wav file loads properly.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the way the RecordingDemo works for everybody? I’d like to fix it, but it seems like I would need to change code deep in the Tracktion Engine. Any tips?

BY THE WAY: I am building for MacOSX

I just fixed the demos, they were using a deprecated constructor of the Edit.

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In playback demo line 61 seems to be a typo? Thank you for updating the examples. :+1:t2:

Yes, thanks. Should be fixed here:

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Thanks for getting on this so quickly!

I just switched to the latest dev branch, and am still having the same issue with the RecordingDemo. It is likely that I am doing something wrong, because I’m new to a lot of this. Are others now able to get the .wav files to load on MacOSX?

EDIT: Forget this. Sorry! I made a stupid mistake with Github.