Rectangle Placement

If I have a component (e.g. a label) that I want to place near a target component, but not overlapping it, but within the parent component, is there an existing algo in JUCE somewhere? 

Hmm.. Not really. There are various places where I've done that internally, e.g. for PopupMenu, CalloutBox etc, but never pulled it out into a stand-alone algorithm. It's a good request, actually.

     Finds a rectangle within constainingArea, near targetObject of size
     'width' and 'height', separated by a distance of 'padding'.  
     Prefers a position centered and above the target object. 
    Rectangle getPlacementNear(Rectangle targetObject,
                                    Rectangle constrainingArea,
                                    int width, int height, int padding)
        /* Put the object in the best possible place. Centred above the target object
         and spaced with 'padding' */
        auto location = Rectangle(0, 0, width, height)
        .withY(targetObject.getY() - (height + padding))
        .withX(targetObject.getCentreX() - (width / 2));
        /* Move it elsewhere if it doesn't fit ... */

        if (location.getX() < constrainingArea.getX())
        if (location.getRight() > constrainingArea.getRight())
            location.setX(constrainingArea.getRight() - width);
        if (location.getY() < constrainingArea.getY())
            location.setY(targetObject.getBottom() + padding);
        return location;

Works well for my current needs (centred and above) but isn't generic enough really ...