Recursive Header search paths for Android Exporter

Hi all,

I hope that this isn't a repost, but i couldn't find anything related on this forum.

I am trying to build an Android app and to include the OrgModeParser for C++ ( which also requires qt5. So i installed qt5 via homebrew since I'm on OSX and installed OrgModeParser as described in the repository's Readme. Just to try out if including headers works with Xcode projects, i made a new JUCE-project with the Introjucer and created the exporters Android-Studio and Xcode. I added

​#include "OrgFile.h"

to the MainComponent.h file. For Xcode the following setting in the "Header search paths" field worked out for me:


I pasted the above into the same fields for Debug und Release configuration of the Android exporter and I get the error

​'QCoreApplication' file not found

from which i conclude that the first (non-recursive) search path seems to work well, but not the other two recursive ones. Does anyone know how to set this for Android-Studio inside the Introjucer?

Cheers and thanks for help in advance


I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the Android Studio gradle system simply doesn't understand that recursive include syntax with the asterisk.

You can try this by setting up a minimal NDK app not involving either JUCE or Qt (you can start off with Google's examples), and then add some recursive include paths to the build.gradle. If you can then verify that it doesn't work, you can report this as an Android Studio bug here:

Sorry but there's not much else I can do until you can verify it's a JUCE/Introjucer bug (which I guess it isn't). We have spent a considerable amount of time already chasing Android Studio bugs here, so unfortunately I can't follow every edge case like this myself...