Redirect loop

Seems like the thread is causing a redirect loop, and thus can't be accessed...

This is because it has '/' characters in the URL slug. These should have been escaped or switched to URL friendly characters. Mods please change the slug so we can access the thread. 

I've always wondered why you can't read these pages with redirect loops in a mobile browser but you can on a desktop - but I've never really tried to figure it out. Anyone have an explanation?

I dont think there's any difference, not that I've seen before... stock Android browser is basically Chrome, and iOS devices are based on webkit/Safari. 

So Mr Webmaster, can you fix this please ?


Just put in google : site: Android I´m trying to create an app on both ios and android

and choose : "Temporarily cached" in the list of results. 

Removed slashes.

Pretty basic php code to strip them when adding posts. But I promise not to do it again.