Registering a small audio brand as a trademark


As a small audio developer releasing plugins, I am thinking about registering my brand as a trademark, in an effort to protect it, and maybe increase its value in case of resell.

The prices I have been quoted for EU+UK+US are quite high, and the registration process is not guarantied to succeed (especially in the US).
I am starting to question the opportunity of this action altogether, so I am reaching out to my fellow developers here :slight_smile:
I would be curious to know about your experience or opinions on the topic!

I didnt do it all (to this point).
I focus on the biggest problems first and when you have no revenue jet that needs to be protected, brand protection is definitely not the biggest problem.
I will do it when I there is the need, but hey thats just my way of thinking and since you have an indie license you probably already make money thats worth protecting.