Regular AULab failures but oval works

Audion Unit v3 is very painful with regularly old versions of a plugin still visible in oval but also in AULab or DAWs.
I don’t think there is an easy when to clean whatever cache there is (it’s not in ~/Library/Caches), but I noticed even worse behavior with the 11.1 SDK.
Typically auval passes properly (it sometimes decides that passes don’t work and a rebuild after forcing this crazy cache thingy to flush works again, for whatever reason), but importing the plugin anywhere would break, when the VST3 would work like a charm.

Any tips on how to improve this? Or does everyone face the horrible Apple music and cross their fingers, hoping that it will magically work?

Tried to go back to SDK 10.15, but still unstable (JUCE 6.0.7). Sometimes changing the ID would make the build work transiently on an old Traktion 64bits I still have.
Really sad that my Xcode updated without telling me :sob:

Looks like if I build the AU and the AUv3, then the AU works properly and AULab sees the plugin, which is good. But the plugin itself is not registered. plugin val doesn’t see it.
If I build just the AUv3, same problem.
If I build the standalone plugin, then the auv3 plugin gets registered, but then on AULab I get a -10863 error.
This happened with a fresh new project, so are there some combinations that are not “authorized”? Should I just ship normal AU? But then lots of DAWs need AUv3…