RelativeParallelogram and the juce Namespace

Hi Jules,

Although not an issue (for myself, at least), I simply wanted to point out that the RelativeParallelogram class is not actually set within the juce namespace. If I utilize Intellisense in my projects by doing “juce::”, that class doesn’t appear…

No, it’s definitely in the juce namespace. Don’t believe everything that intellisense tells you, it’s far from perfect!

Haha Quite true!

Mind you, I’ve found that utilizing a custom macro for a namespace often does not work, such as in the sense of BEGIN_JUCE_NAMESPACE and END_JUCE_NAMESPACE. I’m not sure how Visual Studio works namespaces out for easy selection in this dropdown, but here is one visual example why:
[attachment=0]juce Namespace.png[/attachment]
It seems that those macros are entirely omitted, at least in regards to that drop-down, because I would expect RelativeParallelogram to be listed as juce::RelativeParallelogram, no? :? Or is that just Intellisense being garbage, and I’m babbling on about sillyness…

I like to call it “Intellinonsense”