Release & Debug issue

My code is running in Debug mode properly, But when I tried to run it in release mode it is getting hanged for one of my functionality.
Anybody knows what could be the reason behind that.

Congratulations, you win this month’s “Vaguest Question of the Month” Award!

Uninitialized variables?

I have initialized all the variables.
The scenario is as follows.
I am plotting multiple graphs. Graphs can be visible using check box. If I check only one graph It will show properly and drag graph.
But if I check two or more graphs the UI is hanging.
Same thing is working fine in Debug mode.

In your project option, enable “Debug information” in Release mode so you can trigger gdb/visual debugger. Then press “Pause” or type Ctrl+C under gdb and figure out, from the callstack of all thread where your software is hung.
You’ll probably figure the solution by yourself, with a “D’uh” slap on your elbrow.

If you are on windows then you can set JUCE_CHECK_MEMORY_LEAKS to 0. It doesn’t quite solve your problem but your application should run without hanging.