Release of ANA 2 by Sonic Academy

Just wanted to show you a marvellous new plug-in released recently by the Sonic Academy team :slight_smile:

It was made mostly by Charles from tritik, and Ali Barker on the DSP side, + the whole team of Phil / Bryan / Chris on the design side + presets. And it is possible I made a modest contribution on the “virtual analog filters” algorithms !

Everything has been made with JUCE obviously, and I’m really impressed by all the work the other guys did, so I wanted to share this with you :wink:


It looks very clean and lovely. Can I ask, is it extensively using bit-maps for everything?

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Yeah bitmaps made in cinema 4d, put together in photoshop.

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that was Feb 2016 and @jules sounded like bitmap rendering was becoming a thing of the past :grin:

That looks sooo smooth!!
Congrats on the product!!

I have a bad experience with bit-mapping, really hard to get it that smooth. I have been using only vector graphics for a while now. But it gets tricky when it comes to shadowing.

If I may ask, are the shadows part of bit-mapping or you’re using shaders for that?

Yeah this surprises but also doesn’t surprise me - it would be REALLY hard to get the same photorealistic look with vector graphics, for both the designers and programmers. Not to mention you can’t do fancy off-axis 3D renders of the interface for marketing images.

Yeah shadows for all the knobs are baked in to the 3d rendered background. Then the animated knobs just sit on top.

Works fine for round knobs but odd shaped knobs need a different solution of using shadows catcher in c4d to capture them with the knobs.

The fader shadows where a bit trickier… in the end I just recreated the look of the 3D shadows using photoshop layer styles shadows.

I rendered all the knobs to be pixel accurate so no resizing as this made them look soft.