Release or profile build fails to install on iPad

Hi, whenever I try to run a release (or profile) build I get the following dialog:


Debug is fine. Any ideas? thx

Do you have different deployment target settings for the debug/release builds?

Hi, no - both are set to 9.0.

Have you tried doing a clean build? Does this happen with any of the JUCE demos?

yes, i have - this has been happening for some time.

duh, never thought to try the demo - sorry, will try that - thx

so demorunner runs fine debug and release. audioplugin demo just crashes when I try to run it, debug and release.

The crash is causes by the PIP for the audioplugin test not having “Microphone Access” enabled.
Once enabled then both the debug and the release work fine.

Doing a clean build and manually removing the app from the ipad allowed it to install. Bizarre.

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I’ve seen similar issues using Unity when the app (debug) was made from another computer, it refused to upload the app to the device, have to delete the app from the device first, then it works.

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