Remote C++/JUCE developer available

Hi JUCE community,

We are two of developers located in India. And we have been working with JUCE for over 13 years. So we have a total of more than 26 years of experience.

All thanks to Covid one of us already trying to get new job. And we want to see if we can really try our luck in service based approach.

Here are our expertise.

  • C++ 14, Java
  • JUCE
  • Scripting such as Lua, python and Java
  • High quality HMI.
  • High standard code with proper documentation, UML diagram and README.
  • Experience in Multithreading and multi process applications.
  • Modular code for reusability between projects.
  • Performance improvements in the code.
  • TDD approach for Unit and integration testing.
  • Cross platform application development.
  • Audio Plug in development.
  • Moderate knowledge on Audio DSP

Please PM me if you guys are interested in collaborating with us.

Warm regards.


My name is Daniel, I’m a music producer currently living in LA. I have some concepts for a couple plug-ins, and am currently looking for people to add to the team! The concepts are fairly simple, and with your knowledge of JUCE and programming, we think you’d be a great fit for us!

Please drop me your email and i’ll send you more details about the project! Thanks!
(I don’t think PM’s are an option in this forum)

Click the person’s name then click ‘message’ box.

You can contact me on lynxdsouza[at]