Remote MouseInputSource

I need to send mouse/touch events from an IOS (from within our own app) device to a Desktop machine. Because we use OSC as a communication protocol i would like to use this to send mouse input over as well. It's easy enough to catch the events and send them over but what would be the best approach to handle this mouse input once it reaches the desktop app. 

Does anyone have experiences with this? I would be great if we could create a new MouseInputSource and add that to the system, but it seems that the MouseInputSource doesn't work like that. And because Juce handles multitouch quite well (we were just playing with this on Windows 8) it would be greate if the source of the touch/mouse events would be more flexible.

Any help would be appreciated.


You could just call ComponentPeer::handleMouseEvent ?

I’m trying the same thing: JUCE app on iPad which should remote control a third party app (an audio plugin, actually) which is wrapped in a DocumentWindow on Desktop. The window gains focus when sending a MouseEvent to its ComponentPeer to handle it, but nothing else… Is this supposed to work at all for this situation, or would it have to be a “full” JUCE app on the desktop as well?

ComponentPeer::handleMouseEvent works for a single touch but is there a way to add a new MouseInputSource?

Using a TUIO touch monitor, and it would be great to be able to create a new MouseInputSource so those touchpoints could be used indexes of the new MouseInputSource. Possible?